about us

Bajillion Labs Pvt Ltd, has been established in 2016, as Software development entity expanding across Customised Software development, Project Management, Project Management Training, Team Management, Quality Control, Web and Mobile application development.

Bajillion Labs is focussed on Turnkey Development and Deployment of projects across various verticals in addition to offering customised software devlopment solution but not limited to verticals of Internet of Things(IoT), Laundry, Logistics , Component MRO, Ground Handling, Aviation/Airline, Training Establishments,Tourism, Transportation,Etc.


We Consult

Software Architecture

We work towards building a customized architecture for the technology needs. Such architecture is in line with the on-ground execution and business operations, your organization needs and deals with.

Business Integration

Technology is left out in the wilderness without conjoining a business connotation. Every technological development is combined with business acumen to add more value to your business.